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Special Events

Glisson Fall Retreat

3rd-5th Grade    September 14-16, 2018

Our upper elementary kids need to join us for the 3 Simple Rules Retreat at Glisson!  Worship, Alpine Tower, swing, eating awesome food, and having fun will be what we do for the weekend! 

Treat Street

Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018   4:00-6:00 pm

This is an event for the whole family!  All kids should come dressed in their favorite costume!  We will have games, food, music, and candy! 

Christmas Musical

Sunday, Dec. 16, 2018   6:00 pm

Join us as we watch our Music Mania kids perform!  This is a fun night for our church family!

SCREAM Retreat

3rd-5th Grade  March 22-24, 2019

Our upper elementary kids do not want to miss this awesome retreat!  It's held at Woodlands Camp in Cleveland.  Lots of fun with other churches as we worship together, eat the best food ever, play on the blob, have water balloon fights, climb the rock wall, search for the golden nugget, and other fun things!



You've Been Egged

The week of April 8, 2019

Families need to be on the lookout for their yards getting "egged".  We will hide eggs in your families yard that week and you will have to search for them!  It will be a fun alternative to an egg hunt.  You won't know what day or time your house will get "egged"!


Vacation Bible School

June 17-21, 2019    9:00 am-12:00 pm

VBS is a blast!!!  Our theme for next summer is "ROAR"!!   It will be a fun week and we hope you will join us!  Registration begins at the end of April.





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